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Calling All Perfectionists!

Success and Failure can either go to war or prove the strongest allies against the real enemy. The choice is yours.

Do you know how incredibly freeing it is to be okay with failing?

I was such a perfectionist growing up, and I still am to an extent. But I’ve been working on this underrated thing called “self-confidence,” and the difference between those who have it and those who don’t is truly remarkable!

We're Stressing Ourselves Out!

GIF from BBC's Doctor Who

We’re brought up to think we should be the best, to compete for fame and accomplishment, to dream that we might become something special in this world. 

Yes, dreams are wonderful, and competition can be healthy. But, really, if you think about it honestly, who cares if you’re the best at something? All it gets you is bragging rights, and the journey to the top is backbreaking, assuming you ever make it there!

Not only that, but we strive for perfection naturally. Yes, self-improvement is a great thing, but perfection is not a goal any of us is going to achieve in this lifetime! All of us will inevitably fail, many times; the important thing is to try.

Why Do You Have to be Perfect?

GIF from The Office

We should feel free to try anything and everything, because life is meant to be enjoyed, experienced; it’s meant to be lived

Really, the only thing we build toward by giving in to failure-phobia is a memory album of what if’s.

You will not reach perfection in this lifetime. Sorry if that bursts your bubble. In fact, you are going to fail, a lot! But, as we all can’t hear enough: learn from your failures! 

Every failure is a unique and enriching experience that can make you into a stronger, more confident person. 

Think of Failure as one of these two: either a formidable and merciless enemy or an incredibly reinforcing and valuable ally.

Failure as Your Enemy

GIF from Emperor's New Groove

If you reject Failure, leaving it out in the cold instead of inviting it in, it will endeavor to destroy you without mercy or hesitation. It will look to disable your every effort, paralyzing you against ever trying anything again. 

Perfectionists are so afraid of failing - of not being perfect - that they often villainize that failure. The tragedy is that this villain is highly misunderstood; it doesn't want to be your enemy!

Failure as Your Ally

GIF from Star Wars

However, if you embrace and accept your failure, treating it as a wise ally, it will help you develop character, self-confidence, and a fearlessness toward taking on the world!

Closing failure out of your life,  denying it ever happened or hating it for its presence, will only help you destroy yourself. Failure isn't a negative part of life; it's a strong ally meant to reinforce you and make you a stronger person!

I don’t know what humiliating failures you’ve faced, or how it’s seemed to cripple you, but I firmly believe that no one can fail too many times.

I’ve failed so much. I hated those failures when they happened, berated myself for letting them happen, and still cringe at them to this day whenever they cross my mind.

But you must not villainize failure; it will tear you apart if you don't embrace it!

Still from Captain America: Civil War

The truth is: we have all done things we regret. But we should look back on those times as reasons we can keep moving forward and do better next time.

Just remember:

Failure isn’t when you fall; it's when you stay down.

Live your life today, right now, and don’t be afraid to make mistakes!

Thanks so much for reading!

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Calling All Perfectionists!
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