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But What About You?

Through our struggles we tend to forget about the wellness of our own minds.

Artist IG: @maxxmitch3ll

We all go through mental waves. We feel great, energized, ready to take on the world, and then all the sudden everything is silent. We see in the mirror someone totally different than the proactive person we saw before. Most people have been taught that this person is less than the other. I’m here to say that is not true! 

Being a very empathetic and emotion stricken person has helped me a lot but it has also helped me in finding every possible way to be upset and every way to look down on myself imaginable. I cannot count on my hands and feet the amount of times I have reached a stand still and couldn’t think of anything about myself that I liked. I doubted my future, I doubted my opinions, I neglected my successes, and I shined every bit of light I had left on my anxiety, my failures, and other people’s opinions of my worth.

I want you to think about when you were the most innocent. That might be when you were a kid, when you didn’t win, when you were abused, when you couldn’t find any reason why you were wrong. That’s how we all start out, and after that we are just molded to appease everyone around us. We stop valuing ourselves as much as everyone and everything. Within those moments lie who we are. When a child is being yelled at they feel bad for themselves, and when the hard working woman doesn’t get the promotion, she questions the better judgement of her higher up. The feeling of knowing something isn’t right and that you are being treated unfairly is not wrong to feel. I know it is hard not letting what people say affect you emotionally, but trust your gut! Feelings demand to be felt, and just because someone else doesn’t appreciate you doesn’t mean YOU shouldn’t appreciate you. 

Think about every time you have brought yourself back to ground zero. Every single time you were hurt and felt damaged, remember that you are reading this right now! You’ve done it! I’m so proud of you! Life throws so many curve balls and you have made it just fine. I want you to always remember that you are not alone. As much as you may feel the opposite, there are billions and billions of people on this Earth and many feel the same way. Help yourself, talk to people online, find public chats and let it out. Keeping all these emotions bottled up inside you will do nothing but make the pain a little less tolerable with every emotional bout you go through. 

I can’t say that I always take my advice, and I absolutely have moments of self doubt and insecurity. After I cry, write, sit in silence, stretch, cry more, talk to myself, I realize every single time that I just cried... wrote... stretched... cried... and got through it! Isn’t it amazing how we didn’t even realize how strong we were while we were busy picking ourselves back up? 

Never forget about you. You are amazing and strong and whatever the battle, you are strong enough to fight it. 

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But What About You?
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