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Freeing Yourself

I am not bound to the rules of this planet, but bound to the endless traps of my mind. This, like so many other things, has haunted me. How many times have you been held prisoner? Endless thoughts, sleepless nights, and countless memories; they are all binding you, keeping you. Do you often get lost in your own thought? Wander aimlessly in the darkness that is your mind. What have you missed out there, in the real world? You are a mindless victim of having too much mind. You are captivated in the essence of "what ifs," "maybes," and "could it be." You need help, but who can help you escape yourself? Maybe, reader, you have been the hero all along.

First, we must find the cause of your thoughts. Grab a piece of paper and write down every thought you have trapped in your mind. This will help you release them and see them for what they are. Breath while you write; try to write slow and exhale silently. Do you feel that? Your freedom is howling through your pencil. Once you have everything written examine your paper. For every thought you wrote down, I want you to write beside it where that thought stems from. Was it something your mother said to you years ago or is it something you feel about yourself. We are our biggest critiques, such a shame. When you have written what it stems from, write why you agree with what you wrote. Get all those negative feelings out! We all have them! Some people don't want to acknowledge the bad thoughts they have. I am telling you to acknowledge that they exist! They are real concerns or doubts! You can't wish them away but you can make them go. 

Read what you have written. Does it hurt? Does it make you angry inside? Do you feel like screaming?! Good! Acknowledge your pain, it's real! It's there but realize that it is there but YOUR choice. You have been trapped inside of the abyss, but you don't have to be; you can be free! Take the paper and rip it! Rip it in half and yell "I am strong!" Rip it again and yell "I am free!" Rip it a third time but don't say anything! Close your eyes and rip it! Breath quietly to yourself and let the freedom spread through you. Now sit down and grab another piece of paper. Write all the things you love about yourself. Write anything. The way your hair curls after a shower, the way you love others, or maybe even how good you are at showing your emotions. Write what makes you happy, who makes you happy. Fold the paper up and on the top write "Freedom, Day 1." This is your first day free but it isn't your last. Everyday that you decided to exile your negative thoughts is another day free. You will have days where you succumb to your thoughts, that doesn't make you wake. It makes you human. 

Repeat this method anytime you want to clear your thoughts! When you do remember to continue keeping the positive notes and labeling them as the days go on. Put them in a special spot and read them when you feel down or lost or trapped. We are the controllers of our mind, even if we don't feel like we are at times. And remember....

"Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light." -Albus Dumbledore 
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