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Being Your Own Hero

"When the damn flood comes you want to be the one to build the ark." - Jordan B Peterson​

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Dear Readers, The reason why I started this piece is that of the quote in the subtitle. The one by clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson where he states “When the damn flood comes you want to be the one to build the ark”. His quote is what inspired me to open my eyes and see light through the cracks in my moments of doubt and darkness. To see the beauty in the broken. This quote helped me through one of my darkest periods of my life. I understood myself only after I destroyed myself because I had lost myself in the damage. Only in the process of saving myself, did I truly find myself. I hope his quote could do the same thing for anyone reading this who needs a push through recovery.

Life doesn't wait around for you to be comfortable and neither do people. Sometimes bad things happen all at once, crashing upon us like a wave. Whether it be illness, a natural disaster, a horrible loss or a failure. Bad things are bound to happen despite how much pain you've overcome already, but it is the way we deal with them that deems the outcome better or worse. Although at the moment we might feel like doing nothing but crying in bed, in solitude. In reality, that will do nothing but cause us to enter a state of learned helplessness, in which we increase our own suffering and that of others.

This is why we always need to be prepared, not by being paranoid and always looking out for the negative, but by building our own ark to save ourselves and our loved ones from the flood by embracing the pain and allowing ourselves to grow stronger. Because we are a hell of a lot stronger and tougher than we could ever imagine. Do not believe for one second that you are hopeless or helpless. You have control over things and you have the right to take it, no matter what it may be or how small it may be. When I went through a time of severe struggle I was on my knees every night praying until one day I felt better. Despite how others believe a prayer won't change the outcome, I saw differently. Do not ever underestimate the power of what one prayer can do.

If you ever feel totally lost or miserable and your thoughts are so messed up that you have no idea where to start, your physical surroundings are a pretty good place. By cleaning out your environment, and changing the things you actually can change, you will also be assisting in clearing out your mind whether you realize it or not. Organizing has been known to be a natural stress reliever for some. Stop ruminating and start changing the little things. Recovery from anything won't happen in a day. Recovery is a tough process that results in personal growth. The little issues are a great place to start. Starting to recover or overcome a thought is always the hardest part in the process. Despite the struggle to even start starting will get you going and what gets you going will take you one step closer to dealing better with your problems and worries and one step closer to full recovery.

We may not have the power to solve all our problems but we sure as hell have the power to grow stronger and develop healthier and more productive ways to handle them. Owning our stories and loving ourselves throughout the process is the bravest thing you will ever do. Remember... "Being positive in a negative situation is not naive. It's leadership." 

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Being Your Own Hero
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