Zachary Boulanger

I'm 16, an entrepreneur, singer, actor, and triathlete. By sharing my view of the world I hope to inspire people to pursue a positive lifestyle. I post weekly here, and daily on Instagram

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Being Busy: The Pros and Cons
5 months ago
Being busy is a wonderful thing. It both prevents stress and causes it all at once. It just depends on how well you're able to balance all your tasks and how much you truly enjoy what you're doing. By...
Don't Be Afraid
5 months ago
I think we live in a fearful world. A world that fears danger and flees from conflict as opposed to embracing challenges and deciding to overcome fear. It troubles me to know that somethings scare peo...
Dr. Seuss' Eternal Messages
6 months ago
I just watched the latest Grinch adaptation, and was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it. Everything from the voice acting of Benedict Cumberbatch to the funny screaming goat was lovable. Ho...
Staying Mindful Is Less Stressful
6 months ago
As people are constantly on the go, lots of things can be triggers for stress. The holidays are an excellent time to release some of it, but if you just take the time to constantly be remove stress-in...
Say Thank You
6 months ago
A little while ago, I realized how much I appreciated a friend, and thought they could use a little affirmation of how great they are. So I sent them a text with two simple words: thank you. Of course...
It Takes Grit
6 months ago
You can do anything... if you work for it.