Zachary Boulanger

I'm sixteen years old with too much on my mind. I'm trying to use this site to share positive messages, but sometimes I will just use it as a journal where I can vent.

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Slow Down, Look Up, and Feel the Beauty
12 days ago
I'm the type of guy who's always in a rush. I don't like to spend time waiting when I can be doing something or achieving my next goal. But I have recently come to realize my big mistake in rushing to...
On The Shortness of Life
14 days ago
Life is really short. Don't let anyone say otherwise because they are absolutely bonkers to think so. Just think of how much the world has to offer, and how little time humans are given to explore it ...
A Reason to Live
9 months ago
Life is hard, and I'm sure everyone has asked themselves at some point something along the lines of: "Why am I doing this?" or: "Is my life really joyful and fulfilling?" There is no one answer to the...