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Reaction Is Everything
4 months ago
I was in a car accident today. I am ok. I was rear ended on the way to work. As I was driving, I noticed the car behind me was a little close, thought to myself, she should go around me. Then she seem...
Oh Look a Squirrel
5 months ago
I wasn’t going to write anything tonight or for the next few, days but I have some thoughts I need to get down. I’m not one for New Years. I don’t need a party or a bar or a club, in fact I’ll probabl...
My Toxic Quality
5 months ago
The other morning I made a revealing discovery about myself: I have toxic qualities. I think a lot of us do, maybe all of us, but when you realize the qualities or traits that you may have, it's very ...
The Pain of Regret
7 months ago
“The pain of discipline or the pain of regret.” This is a sentence I heard in some “take over your life” motivational videos that you come across on Facebook or something. I wrote this line down and s...
The Moo Cow
8 months ago
On September 1 of this year, I was scrolling mindlessly through social media and I saw a constant. It was repeated over and over by different people from various places of the world and all different ...
What Do Your Scars Mean?
9 months ago
It was 2013, I was in my happy place, a Pearl Jam concert. This show was at the Barclays center in Brooklyn. The second night of back to back shows. I was happy. Right before “Betterman,” Eddie Vedder...