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The Moo Cow
a month ago
On September 1 of this year, I was scrolling mindlessly through social media and I saw a constant. It was repeated over and over by different people from various places of the world and all different ...
What Do Your Scars Mean?
2 months ago
It was 2013, I was in my happy place, a Pearl Jam concert. This show was at the Barclays center in Brooklyn. The second night of back to back shows. I was happy. Right before “Betterman,” Eddie Vedder...
Dear My Younger Self
4 months ago
An open letter to my younger self, my nephews, or anyone. I’m going to go through a bunch of stuff that I’ve noticed in my life. Things that may or may not have happened to me. Things that I’ve observ...
The Only Thing That Controls You Is You
5 months ago
There was a point in time where I came up with a saying that helped me develop patience, or a better sense of patience; that's a constant work in progress for me. I said this. "There are only two thin...
I Hiked a Fucking Mountain
5 months ago
I hiked up a fucking mountain! Me. me! I fucking hiked up a fucking mountain. Now let me say this about myself, i am a fairly active person. I work out anywhere from 5-7 times a week, I love to bike r...
The Adventures of Captain Snapchat
6 months ago
If you are able to come to terms with the next thing that I am about to say, your life will become somewhat easier. I’m sorry to be the bearer of this news, but you need to hear it. Nobody. Gives. A. ...