Trai Greer

My writing serves as a means for self-exploration and personal growth.

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3 Ways I Used My Negative Superpower to Screw Myself
4 months ago
It started in seventh grade. Or at least I think it did. Maybe it went back even further but this was the oldest example I could think of. You’ll know what ‘it’ is later. I was really into this girl a...
If You're Looking to Be More Efficient with Your Time, like I Am, Then This Will Help Us Both
8 months ago
Time and time again, I've watched myself let days slip away. I'd have things in mind to do but fail to actually get it done. As a college student, the sense of urgency to do an assignment doesn't come...
Wake Up Call
10 months ago
What's a sad characteristic of the human race is that significance is lost as a result of repetition. That means if you hear a phrase over and over, you'll stop giving it the power that it has. This i...