'Toto' (Aleksina Teto)

A Canadian designer, writer, typographer, and artist.

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How I Got Creating Again
a month ago
There have been moments I've questioned if I'll ever want to create again. At times it gets bad enough I question my own ability at creativity. Months on end of not wanting to draw, write, record... d...
No Resolutions for the New Year
4 months ago
New year, new you, new expectations of who you should be. With each year, it is so tempting to make resolutions and promises to yourself of the person you want to become in the coming year. There is a...
Focusing When You Have to but Can't
8 months ago
Sitting down to create something—whether that is a story, an illustration, or an assignment for work, even holding onto that pencil, or hands raised above the keyboard—you still can't create. And mayb...