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Blogger, Helper, and Student forever. I never stop learning and never cease to be amazed at how my random knowledge can help others live happy and meaningful lives.

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The 8 Essential Books for A Life of Independence and Purpose
a year ago
EVERY MOVE YOU MAKE is for the Purpose of Living a SUCCESSFUL LIFE. Successful life means a few things: Every day you love what you do, even though it's not always easy. Every day you make progress to...
Positive Mindset: Surprising Expert Advice You Must Know
a year ago
It’s a lot more than just thinking happy thoughts so you can fly. The idea of embracing a positive mindset has considerable merit and deserves to be discussed understood properly. Nobody likes anythin...
3 High-performance Habits of Extraordinary People
a year ago
Here are three habits of truly successful people that bring prosperity, wisdom, compassion, and productivity.