Teddie Casterton

Young Author - Current English Student at QMUL.

Passionate and Adventurous 

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Insecurities Build a Wall of Confidence
3 days ago
Prince Ea, a well known YouTuber, Philanthropist, and spoken word artist recently released a video entitled: "Every teenager NEEDS to hear this," in which, he beautifully depicts the story of a teenag...
Do I Care What You Think?
5 months ago
As I’m sat here in my University Library, I have arrived at a familiar place; what can I do to procrastinate now? I’ve seemingly exhausted every possible option to scroll through every social media an...
7 months ago
“Confidence is only a layer of protection built up by fragments of insecurities glued together by the horrors of what’s real in the mind.” – E.T.D Casterton Does this make sense? Probably not. But doe...
Wait! The Unknown Serial Killer
a year ago
In life, we like knowing things. Our desire is for everything to be correct and true, to be solidified and definite. Consequently, time is daunting. The knowledge that our time could be up at any mome...