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Finding Your Purpose!
3 months ago
For some reason finding my purpose has always been extremely difficult. For the last few years I have been too scared to actually do what I want to do. I was always trying to find the perfect thing to...
The Best Way to Deal with Feeling Overwhelmed
3 months ago
These tricks have helped me get out of the pit feeling overwhelmed. Sometimes when we are overwhelmed, all we want to do is just lay down and do nothing. That's completely fine for a little while unti...
How to Live Without Stress or Worry
3 months ago
Do you ever feel like there is more to life? Do you feel like you have no purpose? Are you stressed, worried, overthinking, overwhelmed, or don't know who you are? Then you have come to the right plac...
How I Am Creating the Most Enjoyable Lifestyle
3 months ago
My life has been flipped upside down from doing these things.
Enjoy the Simple Things
3 months ago
When you bring your awareness to the simple things, your whole life becomes simpler. Your problems are made in the mind and usually are complex stories that justify why you should feel sad or angry.
The Bliss of Being Alive
3 months ago
"Ignorance is bliss, but wisdom is the bliss of feeling alive." Bliss is simplicity. It is the core of our beings. Bliss is what you feel when you get rid of all the unnecessary thinking and worrying ...