Steven Altman

He is a minor professional goalie writing about the game of hockey, culture, travel and relationships that accompany the lifestyle. He runs the Minor Pro Life blog in his spare time and currently plays in Denmark.

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Take Some Time
a month ago
As I walked with a fellow North American teammate, covered in concrete dust and sweat, it dawned on the two of us that we, as westerners, very rarely take the time to appreciate what is around us. To ...
Without Struggle There's No Growth
2 months ago
When looking around the world the media portrays conflict as this heart wrenching, diabolical Goliath that only seeks to twist and bend life into submission. Conflict is brutality and the worst of hum...
Setbacks & Heart Break
3 months ago
Over the course of a career, there will be ups and downs. Trials and tribulations that will push the body, test the mind and attempt to bend the spirit. Some of these are within our control, others no...