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Am I Adulting on the Right Track?
5 months ago
Do you remember the days when you used to say, “I can’t wait to grow up!” because adults seemed to know what they’re doing all the time? It’s like they always look so confident and poised, knowing exa...
2018 Through My Eyes, Through My Words
5 months ago
Another year has gone by. A year filled with so much of contentment and sorrow, compressed and spread unevenly into 365 days. More hurt than laughter, I thought to myself. No, I’m not making any “New ...
Here's to the Warriors Battling at Home, Wherever that May Be
6 months ago
It had always been wherever the family is. At least for me. Home is where the heart is. (But does my heart really belong at home? Does it really belong to the people who raised me to be the person tha...