Sierra I

FT mom, writer, and 'doer'. Coffee obsessed and science-based, I thoroughly enjoy broadening people's horizons and mental processes through the written word.

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The Importance of the 'Slow-Age'
3 months ago
I know what you're thinking (I really need to work on that). You're thinking, "What the hell is the 'Slow-Age'? And, if it's so important, why haven't I heard about it until now?" Am I right? Well, te...
Perseverance vs. Determination
7 months ago
What's the difference? Obviously, consistent and temporary are complete opposite terms. But, what's the difference between perseverance and determination? In technical terms, perseverance is considere...
The Fundamental Guide to Fixing Your Life
8 months ago
"Sometimes, I don't know how much longer I can go on. Sometimes, I just want to give up. Sometimes I feel so guilty and overwhelmed that I think, maybe, others would be better off if I disappeared. No...
The F.I.M.I. Theory Explained
a year ago
What is the F.I.M.I. Theory? How does it work? Is it effective, or a hoax?
Be the You, You Want
a year ago
We all have those moments where we feel like our lives' are off-course. We all have moments of social anxiety and feeling defeated. Sometimes these feelings come and go. Other times, they stick around...