Shauna Campbell

I am a writer and I love to inspire others with my work. We were all born with something to impact the world and that is what I want my work to do.

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Make a Move
8 months ago
Complaining doesn't change your situation. Action changes your situation. Ideas are not enough to make dreams come true. The work that you put into your ideas is what makes dreams come true. Some peop...
Better for 2019
8 months ago
2018 has really been a year filled with memories but most of all it has really taught me how strong I really am. The obstacles that we all have faced were necessary to prepare each one of us for the g...
Your Story Will Inspire Someone
8 months ago
Life is truly a journey. There are ups and downs. There are some hard times that we have encountered that take way longer for us to overcome than other moments. However, no matter what your journey ha...
It's Time to Let Go!
8 months ago
What would you risk to make your dreams come true? We spend a lot of time dreaming and hoping that one day we may accomplish our dreams and our goals, but when you finally start seeing things turn aro...
Spread Love
8 months ago
Negativity. Hatred. Jealousy. Enviousness. Are all things that can hinder you from being who you are supposed to be. Spending all your time looking at what other people are doing and talking about the...
Level Up
8 months ago
It's time to LEVEL UP! In life you constantly move up and grow. There is no one that just stays at one grade in school. Everyone grows. Once you achieve one thing, you don't keep repeating that stage....