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Deceiving thoughts create a fake reality.

 When you read my articles I hope you feel motivated, positive energies, inspired and hopefully have a laugh.

Culture & Society.

Mariahh Brian 

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Gossip, Rumours, and Lies
2 months ago
We all tend to gossip, judge, and comment on other people lives. The tea is hot sometimes (sips tea, hahah) and we can't help it but tell our friends. Sometimes we don't even know if the source is rel...
Don't Lose Yourself Trying to Follow
4 months ago
As my friend Marcio said:"Life is full of pressure." Back in school, we would go through 'peer pressure' and many were influenced to have sex, drink alcohol and even try drugs to be accepted by their ...
When You're Having a Bad Day...
5 months ago
I'm very dramatic, very impulsive, and I'm always ready to react to anything. So every time I had a bad day, I used to have terrible thoughts, I even thought about starting to take drugs (which is imp...
The Acceptance We Seek Is in the Self-Love We Lack
5 months ago
Imagine you logged in to your social media apps and you could not see how many likes, views, comments, shares, etc., the people you follow have, would you still feel the same way towards them? I say t...