Sebastien Lacasse

Passionate🔥.  Experience-driven 🚗.  Writer ✏️.   Plant-based 🥦.  From Miami, FL 🏝.  Trying to stay woke 🧠

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The DNA of Greatness
7 months ago
I recently watched a documentary on Albert Einstein, and by recently I mean this morning. It was fascinating. Obviously, the main focus was on his achievements in theoretical physics like his papers o...
Living a Life of Intention
7 months ago
Intentional living has always been a nebulous concept for me. What does it mean? Isn’t everything I do driven by intention at some point? When do I cross the ethereal threshold of living an “intention...
8 months ago
Okay, let's start at square one: what in the world is "ahimsa"? Friends, Romans, Countrymen, let me introduce you to a beautiful concept I discovered recently. Ahimsa is the concept of compassion to a...
I'm Rich
8 months ago
I’ve been fortunate enough to visit a few other countries in my life. I love seeing other people speak their mother tongue, eat food that’s strange to me, see centuries-old architecture. Most of the t...
8 months ago
My thoughts of late have been focused a lot on desire. My main gripe with desire is how we talk about it our whole lives, and then we directly do things that contradict those desires. How many can con...