Savannah McKinley

Adventure, Freedom, and Creative Expression. Nashville native living in Dallas and traveling the world. Social Media + Marketing Specialist by day, Yoga Teacher in training by night. Believer in the Lord, lover of people and purpose. 

"I've Been So Busy"
6 months ago
"Hey! Oh my gosh, I haven't seen you in so long! How have you been?" "Ah, I've been good. I've been SO busy." Raise of hands, how many of us have had this conversation at least five times this week? M...
We're Not Getting Any Younger
6 months ago
Getting Rid of 'One Day' and Being Yourself
7 months ago
We all have guardrails we depend on in life. Guardrails are meant to keep us on track, they're there to show us the edge of where we weren't meant to go and help bounce us back along our journey when ...