sarah cay smith

just a college gal trying to survive. fluent in spanish and not so fluent in eating healthy. 

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I Can Be Needy
3 months ago
Say what you want about Ariana Grande, but her song "needy" really goes off, especially for a girl like me. She repeats often through the song, "I can be needy... tell me how good it feels to be neede...
Blah Blah Blah
4 months ago
You know that saying, “ignorance is bliss.” I truly believe that to be true sometimes. If there is negativity in my peripheral, I immediately block it out. I can’t be around negativity for very long b...
4 months ago
If your mom is anything like mine you may have heard this a million times growing up, “count your blessings.” Yes, when you’re younger you get annoyed, but this simple phrase can help so much when you...
Self-Care Is Not Selfish
4 months ago
Self. Care. Is. Not. Selfish. There's a fine line between self-care to take care of yourself and self-care that is 24/7 and takes away from your relationships. I know that there are people who may be ...
Choose Happy
4 months ago
Alright, so, you may disagree with me, but hear me out. Nobody chooses to be sad. Usually people feel sad because of something that happened, a mental illness, or it's just one of those days and they ...
Life Is Hard
5 months ago
As humans, we have a tendency to hurt people. We hurt the people we encounter for a minute if we are unkind. We hurt the people we care about if we make a mistake and we hurt people we don't even know...