Rowan Villa-Howells

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Health coach and lover of words. :)

Health coach Instagram: @WellnessByRowan

Personal Instagram: @_miss_rowan

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Why I Was MIA
5 months ago
It has been almost three months since I’ve published anything to my blog. And even longer than that since I have made any strides in my health coaching business. And you know what sucks? In those thre...
How to Set Intentions
8 months ago
Ah, yes. Another year has passed, and you know what that means. The gyms become jam-packed, new organizational tools line store shelves, and artful advertisements about weight-loss programs seem to po...
Pondering on the Universe
a year ago
Do you believe in destiny? What about miracles? Do you think that we are guided through life or that everything is simply happenstance? I used to think that this was just something that hippies and yo...