Reflections of a student

My intention on this platform is to share my reflections on a number of books, teachings and experiences that have shaped my life and influenced my way of thinking

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'Women Food and God: An Unexpected Path to Almost Everything'
10 months ago
I first came across Geneen Roth's eating guidelines in my late teens. It was an excerpt from an interview with Oprah Winfrey which included a list of her seven principles. The notion of eating intuiti...
'Ami: Child of the Stars'
10 months ago
I was told about Ami: Child of the Stars by Enrique Barrios, during a chance conversation with someone. It woke me up to a world of wonder and infinite possibilities. I recall lighting up when first r...
'Designing Your Life'
10 months ago
I came across Designing Your Life: Build a Life That Works for You by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans at an airport bookstore. The title of the book instantly grabbed my attention and I immediately starte...
Excerpts From My Journal
a year ago
"Not many people know internal freedom. Not many people have tasted internal freedom. They might have had moments of release, pleasure, but not freedom. It is a taste which cannot be forgotten nor rep...
'You Can Heal Your Life'
a year ago
One of my greatest passions is learning about the human spirit and understanding what animates us and makes us feel most alive and connected to ourselves and to one another. As a teenager, I was moved...