Nicole Addison

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What Makes You, YOU?
19 days ago
Have you ever stopped to notice that there are advertisements literally everywhere you look nowadays? Get that new and improved facial cleansing formula! Or go try out the new performance enhancing sp...
What Are You Producing?
20 days ago
What is it that you produce? When you wake up every day, what is it that you put out into the world? Is it your very own? Does it make your heart sing? Or is it a product of social conditioning? Are y...
Escaping Your Mind
a month ago
So, what’s on your mind right now? Any thoughts? Worries? Concerns? Is there any annoying chatter? Any upsetting feelings, complaints, or complicated questions? Our minds continue to talk, day in and ...
Moving On
2 months ago
Moving On. We each have to do it from time to time. It hurts, stings, burns, and leaves a tremendous storm in its path. It can create even the deepest of scars. It can leave the most profound heartach...
All In Perfect Timing
2 months ago
Sometimes we have the tendency to try to take control over everything in our lives. We desire for things to go as planned, things to be presented to us on time, and for everything to work out a certai...
Is This the Real You?
2 months ago
If you were to take a look inside yourself right now, what would you see? How about your feelings. How do you feel? Stressed? Overworked? Drained? Life can be harsh if we forget to make the time. The ...