Nandan Das

I'm a student of life, continually learning and growing, inspired to share my insights with others who might benefit.

The Cure for Loneliness
7 months ago
What is loneliness exactly? We all seem to experience this feeling, but how many of us really understand it? I've felt lonely enough throughout my own life that it's given me plenty of time to examine...
The Secret to Happiness
7 months ago
I think most people have the idea that if the way to be happy was simple and easily accessible, then everyone would be happy. There wouldn't be so many unhappy people in the world. And we certainly wo...
How to Truly Love Yourself
7 months ago
We'll often hear someone say that we just need to love ourselves, but how exactly do you do that? It sounds all good and well, but it's not as easy as simply flipping a switch. I think most of us woul...
How to Truly Forgive
7 months ago
Forgiveness is one of the most challenging issues we face in life. It seems easier said than done. And even when we say that we forgive someone, often we're still holding on to some deep resentment. I...
Take Back Your Power
7 months ago
How many times has someone made you upset, angry, broken your heart, disappointed you, or made you feel unloved or unworthy? You might say it happens all the time, but I'm going to tell you something ...