Morganne Thayer

I'm a writer with a passion for life and love! 

Small town girl who loves her dog, her family, and a good red and trying to capture it all on video.

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A Series of Fortunate Events
6 months ago
I have always been one to look back in reflection of months and years past. This past year is no exception especially since it has shaped me into who I am at this very moment, typing on my laptop late...
Stop and Smell the Roses
7 months ago
Nowadays, everyone is rushing from here to there, cell phones permanently attached to their hands, laptops and tablets not too far away, and everyone working and struggling to make the almighty dollar...
Life Ain't All Sunshine and Rainbows
7 months ago
When I was in high school a decade ago, I remember hearing part of a quote someone had written decades before that that said "If you think you're beaten, you are. If you think you dare not, then you d...