Morgan P.

Do you wish to see a person blooming into herself? Read and see what you receive when my mind comes to life on the page. Support a young writer, that wants to shed some personal insights to fellow shy girls, nerds, and feminists. Much Love

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Having It All Together
a month ago
Do you often hear people comment when asked how they are doing that they are "working on it" or " getting it together"? WHY is this a constant when we are supposed to be getting our lives together ear...
3 months ago
Life is a battle. We want to wrestle to make life work for us, but our life rarely works out how we envision. When I try to hold tight, and control what I want in my life it is a recipe to suffocate i...
4 months ago
So you may be wondering why the hybrid between Change and Challenges? Change means that what once was will never be, and that all that snuggly comfort gets ripped from under your feet to a mysterious ...