Morgan Georgia Blanks

Author of 'The Desert Island', a children's book published at eleven year's old. Been writing ever since. 

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Focusing on Positivity
8 months ago
No matter how hard life gets, or how deeply you fall into darkness, you must remember to stay positive. When it feels like you’re all alone and you’re the only one that can understand yourself remembe...
Accepting Change
8 months ago
Change is the shadow that lingers in the corner of every room, but it is also the light that shines through your window of opportunity. Change may seem scary or unwanted, but it is going to happen. Bu...
The Words You Need to Hear
8 months ago
You shouldn’t be wasting your life right now, no matter how old you are. Time is not on your side and it won’t slow down to allow you to do the things you want to do. It’s you that makes the choices; ...
Why It's Okay Not to Care
8 months ago
What We Can Learn Ever been told that you’re not good enough? That your work just isn’t quite right or that you’re not qualified enough for a job? We’ve all been there. It’s a part of life and we are ...