Madi Whysitmatter

Just a young mom working her ass off to live a decent life.

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Getting Past the Stress
7 months ago
Stress? Screw. That. Shit. I'm serious, we don't have the time for that, I don't and I'm gonna wing it there and say that you don't exactly enjoy worrying non-stop. Its the extra baggage weighing down...
Taking a Nature Trip
7 months ago
All you need is a little nature. This post will be a fairly short one, to appreciate and spread my love for wildlife. I hope you enjoy 😁🌲🌲 I've found myself having days where nothing seems to go ri...
A Guide to (Maybe) Finding Yourself
8 months ago
I wish I could start this off by promising you a fast, 10-minute, easy fix solution, that I could somehow train your mind, body, and soul to sync in perfect harmony by the time you finish reading the ...
Seven Things I've Learned Since Becoming an 'Adult'
8 months ago
Before I start writing about my "seven things" I would just like to say, without hesitation, 10-year-old me (the innocent little sh*thead) took being young for granted, walking around thinking becomin...