Lindsay W

Sharing my stories with the world. Writing has been a great tool for transformation, and I feel like I am only starting to dive deep into the self. Life is a wonderful gift, and I intend to share my positive nature of things with the world. 

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Let Your Light Shine!
6 days ago
Today, I wanted to share with you, the idea of letting your light shine, and not being afraid of what others might think when you shine your light, because its time to break out of the spiritual closet and start shining like the magnificent beings that we are. Human beings, have unlimited potential, however for thousands of years, our consciousness has been in a state of slumber, we were dimmed down in a sense, and now it is awakening and we are remembering who we truly are. At this time, we are...
How to Transform Your Life
6 days ago
In January of 2013, my life took a shift and nothing would ever be the same again. At that time, I was severely depressed, with suicidal thoughts, and I thought my life was completely over by the age ...
Could Life Be All Just a Dream?
7 days ago
What is life, what is this, what truly matters?
Ways of Welcoming Abundance into Your Life
7 days ago
I find abundance fascinating in life, why do some people barely scrape by week after week, and others have more abundance than they would ever need. Its been a subject that I have studied extensively,...
How to Manifest an Abundant Life
15 days ago
Today, I wanted to share some of my ideas on how to create or manifest an abundant life for yourself, because, from my own experience, this is not something we are taught in school, or even encouraged...
How You Can Change the World
a month ago
My whole life, I knew that I was here for big things. I knew that ever since I was a small child, that I would change the World. You know, not a big deal or anything. But like most who are meant for g...