Lindsay W

Sharing my stories with the world. Writing has been a great tool for transformation, and I feel like I am only starting to dive deep into the self. Life is a wonderful gift, and I intend to share my positive nature of things with the world. 

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3 Shifts to Make to Start Winning at Life!
5 hours ago
Life is beautiful, and I believe we are here to enjoy life, to play and have fun. We aren't here to work a job we hate, worrying about bills and retirement. We are here to love the life we live and that will always be my message. I am here to help humanity DREAM BIG again! It's so sad for me to see so many people just settling for mediocre and average lives. We are capable of so much more than that, and I want to help you get there! So here are three shifts you can make to start winning at life!
How to Live Your Best Day, Every Day!
2 days ago
First off, I made a youtube video about this, which you can check out here! So basically, in this post, I want to share with you some ideas on how you can live your best day, every day! It's really not that hard, and it's certainly not impossible to enjoy each and every day of your life. It's easier than you might think, at least this is what I discovered along my journey. A few years ago, I did an exercise called the perfect day exercise, and this is something that I have now done a few times, ...
How A Small Decision Can Turn Your Life Around Completely
10 days ago
In each moment that passes, we are in a constant stream of decisions to make; turn left, turn right. Go to the store, or stay home, do this, or do that. It seems that in every moment there is a new de...
How to Recreate Yourself in Three Simple, Yet Profound, Steps!
10 days ago
Everyone wants to become the best they can be, we all want to make a good name for ourselves, to show up in the world and be remembered for the impact that we made and how many lives we changed along ...
Why Transforming Yourself Should Be Your Top Priority
2 months ago
Throughout my journey, I have noticed a running theme amongst humanity, and that is, we all want to help... We all want to make a difference, to leave our mark on the world and create a lasting legacy...
My Transformation Story
3 months ago
January 21, 2019 My transformation story starts about six years ago—it was January 2013, I was severely depressed, overweight, and I had absolutely no hope for the future. I remember I had thought tha...