LeAnn Murch

Just a crazy woman trying to survive the madness of life.
One bossy bitch with lots to say. Tattoo and music junkie. I'm socially awkward so I do my best speaking through my finger tips.

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Turning off Social Media
3 months ago
I'm just your average millennial, completely obsessed with my social media, from my Facebook to my Twitter, I'm always posting on some kind of social app. I can't go an hour without looking at my phon...
New Beginnings
5 months ago
I've hated life since I could possibly remember, mostly because I had shitty parents as a child but also because I've realized this world is full of hateful people. I come from a real crappy upbringin...
Turning 30
7 months ago
I honestly never thought this day would come. I haven't quite imagined how my life would be up to this point. I guess I always figured I'd have my shit together and I would "feel" like an adult. But t...