L M Anderson

I am a writer from the Oklahoma Plains. Fascinated by the connectivity of humanity and grieved by the lack of experience of it, I write to create space for the exploration and celebration of humbling moments of connection. 

The Dust of Our Bones: Pt. 3
7 days ago
Some surprises catch you like a whisper. Gentle, soft, reassuring. You’re taken off guard but somehow feel like this is how things are supposed to be. I was swimming laps in my own head, trapped in th...
The Dust of Our Bones: Pt. 2
23 days ago
All of life was held within the stretching breath of a moment and there was no room for questions. It was all settled inside like sun rising every morning. This was life and all was as it should be. C...
The Dust of Our Bones: Pt. 1
2 months ago
It’s on his birthday that I see her: a small comma of a woman, providing a pause in the long run-on sentence of my life. There’s a way about her. A way that makes you feel like you’re good where you a...