Keane Neal-Riquier

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I am from a small town (I mean a tiny, itty bitty, minuscule town). I am looking to chase my passion in writing and make my mark on the world with some swift words, a unique voice, and the will to be different. 


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How to Celebrate the Little Things
2 days ago
Chasing a passion is like starting at the bottom of the ladder and climbing your way up. Sounds easy, right? A rung there, and rung there, a viola, you’re at the top. As all fellow dreamers would agre...
The Untranslatable Feeling
9 days ago
There’s an old Welsh word that haunts the soul and tears at the feelings. I know there have been moments when I’ve felt it, and I know just how haunting it can be. Hiraeth is the word, and there is no...
Not Surviving, But Living
10 days ago
Surviving in the World Tip #3: Not Merely Surviving, but Living. Living in this world, and I mean genuinely living, with the love of our hearts, and the logic in our minds coinciding, is another probl...
What Happened to the Advocate?
11 days ago
There’s a question I have been asking myself over the past few weeks. I know that it has more than one answer, but I also know that it has a deeper meaning; something it all boils down to. The questio...
The Fear of Failure
12 days ago
I will begin with Surviving in the World Tip: #1. This first tip has to do with one of the gushing horrors of the world. The big, bad, crushing, coercive, evils that make us run in fear. FAILURE (Queu...