Karina Nistal

A lover of life...always thankful!

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There Is No Competition
2 hours ago
I remember being younger and just knowing I was different. I remember sometimes comparing myself to other people and wondering why I couldn't find more common ground. At one point or another in life w...
Trust the Process
7 days ago
I've always felt like such a late bloomer. Ever since I was a kid, I would observe my peers and my friends. I would see them excel at certain things I felt I was not able to easily get. I would see th...
Life Is Good
12 days ago
Life is not always good but when it is, I want you to know it. I'm finally admitting it. I'm admitting that life is good and I'm not just saying it because it feels like that's what I should say...I R...
20 days ago
Too often we overlook our desires. We put off our dreams. We believe we have time. We postpone the things we've always wanted to do. We have doubts or simply don't have enough belief in ourselves. We ...
Give Thanks, That's the Secret
24 days ago
I have learned the ticket through life is gratitude. It's a shame we are not taught how to be grateful in school. Of all the subjects we are shown, I believe being grateful would be the most useful. I...
Check Yourself!
2 months ago
W — Watch your Words. A — Watch your Actions. T — Watch your Thoughts. C — Watch your Companions. H — Watch your Habits. I've always been told to watch my words. When you say something to someone it's...