Journey Scribe

Hey, everyone! My name's Jessica, and I am a Christian and aspiring novelist just trying my hand at writing articles! Thanks so much for viewing my page/works on here!

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The Greener Grass of Tomorrow
8 months ago
Are you waiting for tomorrow? Does the future look brighter than today? Are you thinking, “When is my life actually going to begin?” or “Maybe things are going to get better later”? If so, you're not ...
Calling All Perfectionists!
8 months ago
Do you know how incredibly freeing it is to be okay with failing? I was such a perfectionist growing up, and I still am to an extent. But I’ve been working on this underrated thing called “self-confid...
Why Are We So Insecure?
8 months ago
"Is everyone looking at me?" "That was so stupid! Why did I do that?" "Do I look okay? I look ugly, don't I?" "Are they laughing at me?" "I shouldn't even try. I'm gonna be terrible at it anyway!" Whe...