Jackie Barrows

Jackie Barrows is an artist, a writer, and all around creative soul who enjoys bringing new ideas and stories to life. She wears many hats as a Graphic Designer, a blogger, and Lead Production Artist for R.A.W. Productions. 

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What To Do When You Feel Like A Burden
9 days ago
"You are such a burden on this family!" "I'm not going to help you! You need to start supporting your own damned self!" "When does it end? When will you finally get your life together and grow up?" Ev...
What Two Popular Self-Help Books Can Tell Us About Self-Improvement, Personal Growth, and Increased Productivity
6 months ago
Walk into any book store, and you will find countless books on self-improvement as well as how to increase productivity in both life and business. Because of the endless supply of resources, it can be...