J Buntin

Stay at home mom to 3 beautiful children.  Wife to one almost perfect human. Personality too big to fit into 240 characters. 

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I'll Be Happy When
9 months ago
"I'll be happy when..." A common phrase many of us have uttered. I'll be happy when the bills are paid. I'll be happy when my spouse gets home. I'll be happy when we are living in our new home. I'll b...
Lifetime List
10 months ago
As a person with a type A personality, I have a deep affection for lists. Anything I can put on a list and later check off makes me feel happier. I have daily, weekly, and monthly to-do lists. It help...
The Chameleon
a year ago
My story: the CliffNotes version. My parents were divorced before I was born. Each parent remarried. Between the two of them I went through four step-parents. I was moved across the country and back b...