Hannah Johnson

Welcome to my journal. All of these articles relate to me being unapologetically me, and learning how to come to terms with the person that I have grown into.

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It's Not About the Destination
a month ago
If you're anything like me, you had your whole life planned out as soon as you could talk. Okay, that's a bit of an exaggeration, but I've had my life planned out from a very early age. I knew exactly...
10 Steps to Remind Yourself It's Just a Bad Day
4 months ago
We've all been there. You wake up and can just tell, "Today is NOT going to be my day." As the day goes on, you're constantly reminded of that idea you had as soon as you woke up, and it just seems li...
It's Not a Bad Life
4 months ago
Today started out as a really good day. Most of them do. If you wake up and tell yourself "it's going to be a great day," you can normally stay in that mindset pretty easily. And I was doing a really ...
Things You Should Do in Your 20s
7 months ago
Your 20s can be some really weird years. They're the years where you're trying to learn how to be an adult, but you don't quite know how to be an adult yet. It can be very easy to get caught up in try...