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A Guide to Happiness
7 months ago
Happy. Feeling content. Showing pleasure, being carefree. There are many many definitions of staying happy, but they don't apply to everyone. For a lot of people out there, as well as myself, it can b...
Staying Positive
8 months ago
You probably hear it all the time,"stay positive" or "don't let people bring you down," etc. In reality, it's hard to focus on being positive when all it really is to us is wishful thinking. To stay p...
How to Stay Motivated
8 months ago
Keeping up motivation can be a tough thing to do. Whether it's for school, work or your daily life and we don't tend to do anything about it. So, here's seven tips on how to stay motivated!
Overcoming Fears
8 months ago
Hello! I'm back. With another topic. Another conversation. Today I'm going to be talking about fears, and well, overcoming them. Fear is not fun. I think we can all agree on that, but it's a part of l...
Loving Yourself 101
8 months ago
I’ve had a very hard time coming to love myself. I’m an insecure person, I don’t have much confidence in me. No reason, I just do. I’m pretty sure a lot can relate, especially if you’re a teenager. I’...