Erik scott

On a mission to lead, inspire, and drive! A full time family leader. Man of faith & founder of OvercomeHQ. Development performance coach using personal experiences of life, leadership & career to impact others.

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Don't Become a Slave to Others
2 months ago
The strength of a person is only as strong as their thoughts and desires? Would you agree? We are NOT born with great credentials, we have to work for what want in this life, and this is where one mus...
Never Lose to Your Negative Tendencies Again
3 months ago
When was the last time you looked at yourself, I mean really looked? Everywhere we turn, there are people who have specific tendencies, good or bad, that can have a direct effect on them. Have you bee...
Being Broken Is Essential for Your Success
4 months ago
Have you ever realized that at a low point, things feel as though they are falling apart, and there is, what some would think, "no hope," only to come out on the other side, stronger, wiser in decisio...