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What It Takes to Become a Real Expert
8 months ago
"Expert" It's a title that is so overused today that it's honestly lost its shine. I remember attending a webinar from ClickBank several years ago about affiliate marketing. One thing they pushed was ...
Ask and You Shall Receive
8 months ago
It's not out of the ordinary for so many of us to feel stuck at various points in our lives. To feel like we are alone and that no one wants to help us. For several years I felt like that and a lot of...
Want to Feel Motivated? Do This
9 months ago
There are many sources for motivation that we can leverage from, from motivational quotes, videos, and articles such as this one. There is always something out there in the world that we can use to pu...
What to Do When You Feel Stuck
9 months ago
We all have moments in our lives where we feel absolutely stuck in life. We're lost, confused, and chances are we ask ourselves: "How in the world did I get here?" Our own decisions that we make in ou...
3 Reasons Why the Critics in Our Lives Never Succeed
a year ago
There once was a boy who had a great difficulty in speaking and reading. He was dyslexic, and due to his mental illness, his teachers became some of his biggest critics. One even went so far as to tel...
You Are in Control of Your Own Life
a year ago
Let me ask you a few questions. Questions that I have asked myself over and over again and keep getting different answers: How badly do you want to succeed at life? And; How much are you willing to gi...