Dillon Burroughs

I enjoy writing and running. But not at the same time.

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4 Ways to Turn Anger into Success
6 months ago
Anger is generally viewed as a negative. We are told to control it, release it, and rid ourselves of it. But can anger be used for good? Both ancient spiritual teachings and modern scientific studies ...
Two Tricks to Motivate Yourself Right Now
6 months ago
Motivation is a wonderful thing—when it works! But on low energy days, getting started is a large part of battle. If you're looking at this and are in need of motivation, here is you're no-wasting-you...
Fasting to Reach Your Goals
6 months ago
Many religious traditions practice fasting, the idea of abstaining from food for a period of time for spiritual growth. But can fasting also help us reach goals in other areas? I first fasted for one ...
The Power of Secret Goals
6 months ago
Some say your goals are not big enough unless others begin to question your sanity. While this might be true, sharing major goals with others can often cause what I call "motivation drain." For exampl...
Think Bigger, Live Bigger
6 months ago
A popular business author is known for his 10x book and program. The basic idea is that he recommends taking your goals and adding a zero to the end of each of them—making them 10 times higher. Why? H...
Just Getting Started
6 months ago
I am one of those crazy people who has completed a doctoral dissertation. As part of my PhD in Leadership studies, I surveyed more than 200 youth workers in 41 states who had served at least a decade ...