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What Having No Friends Taught Me About Myself
3 days ago
I recently bumped into an old friend—a friend I hadn’t seen in years. The last time we saw each other, we were in high school. We were planning what we were going to wear to the next house party, crus...
I’m Someone Who Never Says "No" and I Hate It
10 days ago
I'm that person who always, always, alwaysssss says yes to everything. Even to things I do not want to do, or that I know will hinder me from doing other things. Does this sound like you? This was why...
I Did a Digital Detox—and It Was Nothing Like I Expected
20 days ago
Now, I will start off by saying this wasn’t planned at all. I forgot my phone in my friends car on my way to catch the train. I had two minutes to decide whether I go back and try to catch her (and po...