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Levels of Learning: Don't Quit! You Can Do It!
2 months ago
It's not too often that you will find something that you stick with for a very long time. You have to like what you're doing to stick with anything and really love something if it's for years. I've he...
Living a Comfortable Lifestyle or Just Making Ends Meet
3 months ago
I often ask myself the same question over and over again. How much money do I need to make to live comfortably? It’s a different answer for everyone, but why does it really have to be a different answ...
Having a Totally Original Idea: Is It Possible?
5 months ago
Having a genuinely original idea is extremely hard. My friends have argued to me that having a genuinely original idea nowadays is impossible. Their argument is that yes, new things will continue to p...
We Need Pioneers and Less Settlers
6 months ago
There's a lot of talks about race and representation in the media today. I think the media is making it a bigger deal than it should be. Some of the interviews I've read recently had me questioning th...
A Reason to Continue
7 months ago
For years I've searched for the thing that I'd be great at. I'm sure millions have done the same and come to similar results. It's been ingrained in me through media, society, teachers, and parents th...