Brad Purse - Musings with my Future Self

Learning what it means to be human by living my own little wins and failures. 

“Musings with my Future Self” is somewhat of an autobiography but with strategies on how to be a better me 1% at a time.

The Science Behind Making and Breaking Habits
8 days ago
So this morning I woke up at 4:30 this morning—What The Fedunkerary!! Why? Who knows… but one minute I was dead to the world, and the next I was awake and alert as a meerkat on sentry duty! I could ha...
How to Overcome Life's Potholes
8 days ago
Do you ever have those moments where, out of nowhere, life shit hits you like a thundering steam train, followed by every connected carriage rolling over you whilst you’re down? And it’s never just on...