Bethany Ashlyn

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What to Do When You Hit Rock Bottom
6 months ago
You've lost your job. Your boyfriend dumped you. The car won't start. Every day seems to bring on new stress. You have officially hit your all-time low in life. Could it get any worse? Is this my life...
My Nighttime Routine for Success
7 months ago
There are certain things and chores I do each day that create a space for success to build. These routines, if not done, can sometimes lead to a morning filled with exhaustion and chaos. While they ha...
Inspirational Books to Add to Your Collection
7 months ago
I am an incredible fan of the written word. Since a child, I would indulge in different worlds through the covers of some of my favorite books. I would lock myself in my room until finished; sometimes...
How to Create Successful Goals for the New Year
8 months ago
With the year coming to a close and the excitement of what the next 365 days might bring, we are all creating the new year's resolution list in our minds. While I'm not a fan of creating goals on a pa...
Learning To Love Yourself
a year ago
There are a lot of things in this world that are hard to swallow. Whether it be politics, natural disasters, or humanitarian issues we have a lot of bad around us. We also have an incredible amount of...
Learning How to Be Okay with Failure
a year ago
Over the years I have realized that the biggest person who gets in my way is my own self. My comfort zone has kept me from going out and doing adventurous things that I later regretted not doing. When...