Barbara Spoor

I write about real-life experiences in love, loss, travel, and dream chasing.

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Dear 2008 Me
10 months ago
Dear 2008 me, Hey, I know this might sound a little bit crazy, but remember that one time you swore to yourself that if this ever happened you'd believe it? I'm you in the future. The year is 2018, th...
An Open Letter to My Friend Who Thinks She's Not Enough
a year ago
It broke my heart to hear you say, “I just don't think I'm pretty enough.” I wish you could see the world through my eyes, because when I look at you, I see strength, and perseverance. I see an indepe...
How I Learned to Love Myself
a year ago
It wasn’t long ago that I would get invited out with my friends, and I felt that I had nothing to wear that made me... “beautiful.” I would cancel my plans, and instead cry staring into the mirror abs...