Amanda Rose

I'm an Actor, Writer, Filmmaker, Health & Wellness Coach, Girlboss, Wife, Cat-Mom, & Gamer.

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Self-Help Extravaganza
19 days ago
Mark your Calendar for March 29th—this will be an online event you WON'T want to miss! Amanda Rose, the author of Manifesting on Purpose and Manifesting Your Best Life, is releasing her third book in ...
5 Must Read Personal Development Books!
5 months ago
Whether you're an entrepreneur, making big life changes, or focused on continually growing as a person, personal development books help us all to grow and learn! These five gems are must-have reads!
5 Must-Read Law of Attraction Books!
5 months ago
Law of attraction is a growing movement. There is content becoming more and more readily available. So with all of these choices out there, which books really excel? These five gems are must-have's in...
Manifesting Your Best Life
5 months ago
Stop dreaming about a better life and start living it! Manifesting Your Best Life is going to show you that “Living your best life” isn’t just some cute meme on social media–it can be your way of life...