Amanda M

Amanda is a curious student trying to find her way in the world. She also really loves lists.

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2 months ago
"Life is beautiful." "Life is worth living." "Life is special." "Life is what you make of it"... "Every life is perfect as it is." At least that's what life is when you're sitting in your room, scroll...
20 Before 20
10 months ago
Inspired by this post, and in anticipation of my twentieth birthday coming up in less than a week, I decided that I would create a list of twenty life lessons that I've learned thus far. Seeing as I'v...
I Took a Year Off of Social Media... And You Should Too
10 months ago
It has been exactly two years since I took a break from all forms of social media, and I can truly say the experience was life-changing. Although I've since rejoined the online world, my year away fro...