Aly Ledene Life & Spirit Coach. Background in social work, anti-oppressive practice, and mental health.

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Overcoming Obstacles & Redefining Failure
9 months ago
I am a person who has embarked on several new beginnings in my life. I have moved to new cities, taken on challenging jobs, completed university, and fallen in love. One thing I have recognized is tha...
Self-Sabotage Explained as a Child Wanting Cake
9 months ago
When the cake you want is not as good as the cake you deserve.
5 Reasons 'The Secret' and Positive Thinking are Not Crap
9 months ago
When I was younger, I was full on new age. I paid very close attention to my horoscope (a personalized one, not the sort in a newspaper). I learned to map out the stars believing they were predicting ...