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I blog. I write. I write me, my recipes, my fantasies, characters based off of people I know. I also use and Writer's Outlet.

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Defeatist Things I've Told Myself
12 days ago
"You'll never told down a job." In my early thirties, it has become increasingly clear to me that I'm bad at keeping jobs, well, fast-paced ones anyway. People just don't seem to want to keep me in th...
Job Success
9 months ago
Affirming to ourselves that we’ve gotten something done is good. It gives us something concrete to say to ourselves. We’re competent because we actually have proof via getting something accomplished. ...
9 months ago
Success. We all define it in different ways. Some use the five pillars theory, some just plain define it as it comes up, some just want what they want but couldn’t be bothered with putting words to it...