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At Least I Did It

Motivation and Success

"Thank you for your patronage," I said, as I walked out the door. Wow! Two dollars tip? That’s nice, I charge $15 but she gave me $17 just for the little work I did that took less than 35 minutes. She was my first cleaning business client, I did not even think anyone was gonna call me, nonetheless, she did. As I walked towards the big dumpster, I started tearing up; how I earn $17 from doing something I love, something which started as an idea and is now a reality. I felt fulfilled and accomplished. Then I said to myself, "Divine, you did it!" Even if this was the only customer I will ever have from this cleaning business, I am fulfilled, my idea did not die as a thought or a plan but it came to reality.

At least I did it; I have not researched the statistics of this statement, but I believe that people who allow this idea motivate them would become more successful than people who do nothing. Growing up, I was told that the richest place on earth was the grave, but I never understood what it meant, I always found that statement surreal. Until I started writing my ideas and business plans then the understanding of that phrase “the grave is the richest place” became real to me. On several occasions, after writing an idea, a song, a short novel, or the story-line of a movie, I’ll scrap them away, saying to myself; how can that even be possible? You’re not a good enough writer, you don’t know how to write a song, the lines of your lyrics are predictable and they are boring. I also had thoughts like; someone somewhere has done it but you don’t know about it, or before you can even get anybody to support your idea someone must have done it. Better yet, how will you even get the money to start? All of these thoughts and more have lingered in the hearts and minds of not just me but other individuals as well—whom I believe are either selfish or afraid to make a move and they ended up bringing their great ideas to the grave, enriching her. Yes, I said selfish because what if the man who died yesterday had a solution to the world’s problem? All he needed to do was share the idea with a good friend. But no, the fear of someone stealing my idea or there is no one to help me, or one excuse or the other, would not allow such idea come forth.

The grave is enriched because we choose to keep toxic people and dream killer as friends and companions who do nothing but deviate our attention from the dreams of our heart and the purpose of our lives. It is true that nurture plays a vital role in our development but I sure do know that there were fighters who rose above the situations and conditions of their environment and are celebrated today.

                                                      P a u s e ! ! !

If only I could make that one move and tell myself “at least I did it” if only I could record that song, if only I could get over my fears and not stay in my comfort zone, then I would be better. If only I could publish this blog I have held for so long. A lot of times, we settle for less, we choose to settle for the average as opposed to aiming higher. I am weak, yet strong, yet weak again, we are all victims of a fallen world. so much to say, so much to write but the pen has fallen...

MORAL: Breathe, Think, Dream, Do not over Think, JUST DO IT! At least you Did it, so there is no regret!!

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At Least I Did It
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